Our Team :

VBK Partners has a wide range of consultant and expert, from Python, Iron Python and .Net to business analyst available onsite or on projects.

  Patrick Kemmis, Senior Partner
  Patrick's career has ranged from electronic circuit design to accountancy. Most recently he was involved in building the enormous spreadsheet models required by financial firms for their compliance with the Basel II regulations; this made it clear to him that spreadsheets were being used for systems for which they had never been designed. Patrick went on to succesfully start Resolver Systems with 2 friends. Patrick has a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Bristol.
  Jean Viry-Babel
  Jean Viry-Babel has been involve in consulting (Process modelling and Financial regulation) for more than 15 years in Asia, Europe and North America.
  Steven Birnam, Partner, North America
  After a decade in the investment industry, where he also developed portfolio management and client contact solutions, Steven moved to productivity improvement, and then to software consulting. Over twenty years, Steven held various positions, including sales and marketing executive, partner relationships manager, practice manager, and system design and implementation director at SWORD Group Ltd., Cimmetry Systems Inc., IKON Technologies, PharmaSoft AB, and PC Docs, Inc. Steven holds Science degrees from Sir George Williams University and the University of Guelph, and studied at McGill University.